Ltd. "Technologies of taste" sells a wide range of natural:



  • spices;
  • composition of spices;
  • spice mixtures;
  • extracts;
  • functional additives;
  • dyes;
  • flavors.




 Our partners:


sharman cherLtd. "Sharman Ukraine".

Ltd. "Sharman Ukraine" develops and manufactures spices, functional compounds, dyes for meat products. Working in collaboration with research companies "Sharman" offers the latest technological solutions for meat production and guarantees a high quality of its products.




FrutaromLogoLtd. "Frutarom Etol (Ukraine)".

"Frutarom Etol (Ukraine)" represents all brands of Frutarom global group on Ukrainian territory. The company develops, manufactures and sells: flavors, brines, seasonings, food systems, natural flavoring extracts, functional food ingredients, natural pharmaceutical extracts, special oils, citrus foods and aroma chemicals.