Ltd. “Technologies of taste” offers sausage casings from leading European and domestic manufacturers who have years of experience and they’ve gained the trust of butchers throughout Ukraine.


FABIOS(Poland)– different types of collagen casings:

o   Traditional collagen casings

o   Ring casings

o   Easy removable casings

o   Casings for raw sausages

o   Collagen film

o   Ready to use casings


Features of Fabios casings:

§  the products gain a natural appearance,

§  they acquire a beautiful colour during smoking,

§  they allow good penetration of flavors and aromas,

§  they are permeable to water and steam,

§  they are efficient in production,

§  they are easy to print,

§  they are resistant during filling and clipping.


PentoPak (Ukraine) - various types of polyamide casings:

o      Pentaflex-Shape

o      Pentaflex-Оverstuff

o      Pentaflex-Sinuga

o      Pentaflex-Кranz

o      Pentaflex-Extra RTU

o      Pentaflex Universal


Features of PentoPak casings:

§    heat resistance;

§    does not penetrate the moisture, gas and steam

§    high mechanical strength;

§    does not penetrate fat;

§    resistant during filling and clipping;

§    easy removable;

§    guarantees the products a longer shelf life.


NATURAL CASINGS (intestine) - intestine of different calibers cattle, fine cattle and pork.


Features of natural intestine:

§    close to the sausage minced meat and therefore can withstand all stages of processing;

§    well penetrates the moisture and smoke which is 20-25% higher than in artificial membranes;

§    after thermal processing finished products have pronounced pleasant taste and flavor across the thickness, the surface becomes golden brown with a matte sheen;

§    due to the penetration of smoke inhibited the growth of putrefactive microflora, slows down the oxidation of fat and compacted surface layer of products.